About K-9 Top Performance

About K-9 Top Performance

K-9 Top Performance is a full-service dog training, boarding and daycare facility located in Reading, MA. Housed within its 8,000 square feet of space are two training floors and 19 state of the art 8X4 steel and concrete kennels for boarding. Services are available to all breeds of dogs.

At K-9 we understand that some dogs require specialized training and attention. Our doors are open to all dogs, which include dogs with past challenges and behavioral issues. K-9 Top Performance is fully equipped to address any issues including but not limited to: people aggression, dog aggression, anxiety, fear, and basic obedience. We guarantee the kind of relationship that every good dog and every good dog owner deserves to have with each other. We prefer a no-nonsense approach to training your dog without the use of clickers or treats. This method is simple and realistic where we use motivation and praise as the reward for good behavior. It is very effective and creates a strong relationship with you and your dog.

Get to know the owner Steve Roberts

From an early age Steve had a love for animals. While studying Criminal Justice at Johnson and Whales University, and pitching for their baseball team, his dream was to become a K-9 officer. While studying and playing baseball Steve suffered a devastating injury, which ended his baseball career. As a result of the injury Steve was rescued his first dog named Jordan, who brought new light to the idea of pursuing dog training as a career.

Steve went on to apprentice under numerous trainers from all over the United States to further his experience and understanding of dog breeds, behaviors, and training philosophies.

Steve involved himself in many clubs and organizations, which helped him to grow as a dog trainer and handler. His passion for training dogs to be at their best drove him to open K-9 Top Performance in 2010.

Currently Steve has six dogs: Three Pit bulls Jordan, Reggie, and Macho, two Dutch Shepherds Fosco and Natalia and recently added to the pack is Frank a German Shepherd. Jordan and Reggie are not only their pets; they are also important parts of the K-9 Top Performance pack. Both are strong leaders in rehabilitating dogs and teaching other dogs proper socialization within a pack.

Fosco is Steve’s personal protection and working dog. Steve competes alongside Fosco in competitions throughout the United States and Canada. The pair is currently the PSA (Protection Sports Association) Level 3 National Champions. That is the highest level a team can compete in and they won 1st place at Nationals in both obedience and in protection. Steve and Fosco are proudly are the 14th dog and handler team to ever receive this title. Steve is the youngest handler and trainer in the U.S. and Canada to earn such high levels in PSA.

In addition to competing at this high level in PSA, Steve and Fosco competed in a sport much different than what they are use to and showed that having a strong training foundation and a little fun, they could do just about anything. The pair earned their CSAU and Brevet title in the French Ring Sport this past July.

In years past the team received many awards including High Protection, High Obedience and High-Owner Trainer awards. In 2011 Steve and Fosco competed for the first time and received their PDC certificate for PSA when Fosco was nearly 11 months old. In 2012 Steve and Fosco achieved 1st and 2nd place in the PSA1 division. In 2013 the pair took home their PSA2 title placing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd at each competition they attended.

Steve is a Certified PSA Decoy and member of the Protection Sports Association (PSA) and a certified Evaluator for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen's Test. He is also a member of the Massachusetts Working Dogs Club and Top Performance French Ring Club where he is the main decoy and lead trainer for the club members.

Steve and his staff also enjoy volunteering their time in the community; it is one of his passions to educate the public. They participate in such events as Pit bull Awareness demonstrations, meet and greets, and obedience and protection demonstrations.

Many local, state and federal K-9 officers have trained alongside Steve with their K-9 partners. These special training days are some of Steve’s favorites as he enjoys pretending to be the bad guy in vehicle apprehensions or training the dogs in building searches.

With his training aside, his real dream is to continue helping people with their dogs and create that long lasting relationship that makes owning a dog really special.

Customer Testimonials

Steve has done a great job making a dog friendly atmosphere. Holly goes for obedience, doggie daycare and agility and she loves it! I have watched Steve grow into a calm, confident, knowledgeable trainer.Sheila

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