It is important to us that your dog is as comfortable as they can be by having a vacation themselves leaving you the option to choose their getaway.

Our spacious, state of the art 8’ x 4’ kennels are designed for a comfortable stress-free stay for your dog.  No matter what your plans may be; school vacation, business trip, weekend getaway or unexpected travel needs take comfort knowing that K-9 Top Performance can provide you and your dog with all your boarding needs. While your dog is here, they will not only receive top-notch care from our highly trained staff, but you can leave them with a peace of mind knowing that every dog which stays with us is treated as if they were our own! Inside the kennels you will find a raised bed to keep them off the ground, which allows room for their favorite bed, crate or blanket.

General Boarding:


During the day, your dog will be walked by our professionally trained staff, fed, and cared for while out in daycare or having free-time on one of the training floors.

Boarding With Training


Trainers will design a customized training program that will address whatever problems you may be having with obedience, dog aggression, people aggression, food aggression, fears or any other unique issues you may be dealing with. If your dog does not attend our daycare on a regular basis, and you wish to have them socializing with our pack, you must sign up for Boarding with Training to ensure their safety.

Boarding is calculated by the calendar day (the days you drop off and pick up are included), not 24-hour period. All drop-offs and pick-ups are offered 7 days a week.

Boarding FAQs

1. How do I book a stay for my dog?

Calling and booking a reservation over the phone is the ideal way. If you end up leaving a message, we will call you back to confirm your reservation if space is available.

2. What happens if there is no availability?

Our maximum capacity is 23 dogs. This is to ensure the safety and comfortability of all the dogs boarding with us. If we are at capacity during the time you have requested we will put you on our waiting list and notify you if space becomes available. NOTE we fill up very fast during holidays, weekends, and summer.

3. When are the drop off and pick up times?

Monday through Friday (unless stated otherwise for days we are closed), the times will be BETWEEN 7am and 6pm. Saturdays are 9am OR 5pm. Sundays are 11am OR 430pm. These specific times on the weekend are when the doors will be opened, if you are early or late please call and confirm with a staff member.

4. What items should I bring for my dog?

We require that you bring your dog's specific food, treats, or medications. Kennel food is available with a surcharge added to your pricing. We do not require beds, crates, bowls, or toys, however we will gladly take them to make your pet feel more comfortable during their stay. We do have a fridge and freezer available for medications and raw diets.

5. Where do they stay at night/during the day?

Each dog is housed in their own 4x8’ kennel provided with clean raised water and a kennel deck. We do have half kennels available for multi dog households and smaller dogs. The dogs primarily stay in the kennels if you have opted for regular boarding but do go out for walks throughout the day. If the floors are available during the weekends they are turned out periodically to stretch their legs and play with the staff.

6. What is the difference between regular boarding and boarding with training?

Regular boarding includes your dog being fed and walked at various times throughout the day. Medications are provided as needed as well as a daily visual safety/health checks. As stated previously this does not include guaranteed times on our training floors, if the space is available on the weekends then the dogs are rotated out for extra time to stretch their legs.

Boarding with training includes a multitude of options. Typically we ask that you state this on your contract and write down the top 3 issues you would like to work on, this can be and is not limited to obedience, destructive behaviors, socialization, aggression issues, etc. You will be given a full report at the time of pickup along with suggestions to continue the training once you leave. This ensures that your dog will be receiving training everyday. NOTE: IF YOUR DOG IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR OUR DAYCARE PROGRAM YOU WILL NEED TO OPT FOR BOARDING WITH TRAINING IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR DOG TO HAVE MORE EXERCISE OR SOCIALIZATION. THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE INTEGRATED IN OUR PACK AND CHOOSING THIS OPTION ENSURES EXTRA TIME FOR YOUR DOG TO EXERCISE OUTSIDE OF THE KENNEL.

7. When is grooming offered?

We DO NOT offer any grooming services on the weekends and we also DO NOT offer cutting or trimming of any kind. Our groomer(s) are available Monday through Friday. If you have asked for your dog to receive a bath they will be available on the day of pick up AFTER 2pm. Grooming prices are subject to the groomers discretion and include nail trim, ear cleaning, shampoo, condition, and blow dry/brush.

8. Can I call and check up on them? Am I or family members allowed to visit?

Yes, you may call and check up on your pets as frequently as you like. If we do not answer please leave a detailed message and we will return your call at our earliest convenience. E-mail is not always the fastest way to receive an update so we prefer if you call.

Visitations can be stressful on your pet however we do offer them. Visitations will ONLY be offered on weekends when the floors are available. You MUST call and confirm with a staff member the day and time you are coming. Due to legality reasons you may NOT take the dog out of the building, a training floor will be available once an appointment is confirmed. Visitations due to staffing will be no longer than an hour.

9. How does your pricing work?

Regular Boarding is $40.00 per CALENDAR DAY. Boarding with Training is $50.00 per CALENDAR DAY. Example: I dropped my dog off at 3pm Monday September 1st and I am picking them up at 9am Wednesday September 3rd and I have opted for regular boarding. How much would I owe? The price is set at $40.00 for 3 calendar days of boarding, therefore the total would be $120.00. Grooms, and using our kennel or raw food is subject to extra charges. Multiple dogs get a discount of $5.00 per dog per day.

10. Is there anyone overnight? What if my dog needs medical attention?

We DO NOT stay here overnight. We are here as early and as late as possible. There are alarms and cameras to ensure the safety of your pet. If for any reason at all we feel that your pet needs medical attention depending on the severity of the issue the owner followed by the emergency contact will be notified of the issue. If the dog does need to see a Vet the owner is liable to pay all medical fees ensued by the visit. Compensation for the vet bill will be added to your boarding fee at the time of pick up.

Customer Testimonials

Thanks Steve for helping me out with my boy “Chunk” he took home 1st place in 6-9 months class and 3rd in the other he did great in the show ring… with a little more work aint gonna be no stopping him.Noel

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