K9 Camps

K-9 Camp ***By Appointment Only***

K-9 Camp is a structured daycare program that we offer to work with dogs that could not participate in regular daycare. Just like daycare, your dog would come stay for the day and we would do work with them on any issues their having such as dog aggression, anxiety, people aggression, simple obedience, etc. Your dog will get one-on-one training with the trainers, as well as proper socialization with dogs and people. When you pick your dog up we will go over all the training we did with your dog during the day and what needs to be worked on at home. K-9 Camp is available from Monday through Thursday from 7am-6pm.

Puppy Camp (dogs under 6 months old)


Puppies will participate in our obedience training classes with our trainers and they will also be introduced to our doggy daycare for socialization. Based on what your training goals are, we will customize your dog’s training program to help benefit your training goals.

K-9 Camp Adolescent & Adult Dogs


Your dog will undergo obedience training along with socialization with our daycare pack. Obedience training will consist of teaching your dog the basic commands such as heel, sit, down, stay, come, leave it, etc. Socialization is very good for your dog to be properly exposed to various other dogs under a controlled environment.

K-9 Behavior Modification Camp


Dogs of any age that have behavioral problems such as dog aggression, people aggression, fear aggression, anxiety, food aggression, etc., will undergo this program. Our trainers will further evaluate the severity of their behavioral issues, and will create an accurate training plan for your dog specifically.

Customer Testimonials

Steve, thank you so much all the training. Elsa loves the Advanced Class and she has learned so much. I am happy that you constantly add new things for her to learn. She has been going to K9 Performance since she was 4 months old and I have watched her progression through each level. As a German Shepherd dog, she has high drive and a lot of energy that needs to be funneled into correct behavior. I like your positive reinforcement methods and consistent encouragement. She is a happy girl (which makes me happy!)Karen

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